Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Headed for Wales, Alaska

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This may be the last post for several days. Joan and I are headed to the Westernmost point of the North American mainland, the village of Wales. (There are some islands further west.) Our friend Joe was born and raised in Wales and has put together a small writing workshop there. We couldn't refuse such a great invitation.

The top map of North America is from Joe's 1971 book Give or Take a Century and was done by Joe as are all the illustrations. On the Atlas map of Alaska, you can see Anchorage in the lower right and Nome on the left. Wales is a little above Nome (Under Little Diomede which is an island a mile from Big Diomede. Little is in the US and Big is in Russia).

This last map is another Joe drew of Wales almost 40 years ago. We'll see if it still is useful.

Here's the cover page of the book.

This is the beginning of the chapter about Wales in Joe's book. Click on it to enlarge.

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