Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thai King's Birthday Message Good For Us All To Heed

King Bumiphol's 85th birthday today (Dec. 5) is a holiday in Thailand.  The king is not well and there are many questions about what will happen when the world's longest reigning monarch is gone. 

But today he made a public appearance and offered these words to the Thai people - facing considerable political conflict - which is also applicable to many other parts of the world:
"I always believe that your compassion and good wishes to one another will be a significant factor in creating a unifying force in any group and also in the country," His Majesty said.

"If Thais truly hold these values in their hearts, they can be assured that the country will be safe and will survive regardless of what situation the country is in. Dharma will protect you from all harms,'' he said in his brief address from the balcony at the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

As the country is struggling with a deep political division, the King mercifully granted the general public a rare audience and graciously offered his sage advice for all Thais to live in harmony while expressing gratitude for their unwavering faithfulness.

"The wishes and oaths of allegiance that you have taken are so evident. I thank you and all Thais who have come here en masse.

"The compassion, good will and unity that you have demonstrated today make me happy. You have greatly boosted my spirits,'' the King said before the huge gathering of his loyal subjects at the Royal Plaza. [From The Nation]


  1. "They couldn't possibly hold up those cuts if those above the threshold are excluded, could they? Will they really do this so then they can say they are cutting taxes rather than raising them now? Just for ego?"

    Wanna bet. Ego and immaturity and god-based politics will demand they double-down. For example, voting against a bill to help the disabled (with own of their own in a wheelchair watching!) is same-old, same-old. How could they justify it? Just say no. Petulant. Still.

    I applaud the right-wing's pigheadedness, lies, tantrums, secession talk and short-sightedness -- for the moment -- it just shines further light on their lunacy.

    But the few adults in the party are beginning to rouse themselves to hopefully act in a more statesmanship-like manner.

    What part of govern/leadership do they don't understand? Is their base -- half of America! -- their voters so racist & Taliban-like as to reward them with a Congressional seat for the way to are acting & voting. Incredible. America is f**ked if they are.

  2. Barbara, I didn't mean to get you so riled up you put your comment on the wrong post. This one is about compassion and good will.:)


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