Friday, December 14, 2012

Iron Book Head And Other Ceramics

The great thing about art is that everyone sees something else in it.  And this piece at the UAA ceramics sale last Friday leaves a lot for the viewer to interpret.  Since it's a university student piece and there's a book, it might have something to do with the pressures of studying.  But what an iron's pretty harsh.  Ah readers, what does this mean?  Unfortunately I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't get the name of the creator. 

Every year around the first Friday of December the ceramics department has a sale of their students' work.  Since my office was minutes away, I would regularly drop by and pick up something or two.  I'm particularly looking for pieces I can put under potted plants.  Instead of the expensive array of plastic junk sold in box store gardening departments, I could usually find a few items that served this purpose.  There are also a variety of small cup like pieces to use as a pot for plant I want to give away. 

Prices range from a couple of dollars to significant money for some of the artier pieces like the iron head book piece.  If you go later in the day, they eventually start marking things down,  but the selection isn't as good. 

The receipts are split between the students and the Clay Club (I think that was the name)  which helps maintain the ceramics lab. 

This year included more fanciful arty items than I remember.  Mostly it was small utilitarian items like cups, bowls,  plates,  platters, and vases.  This time there were a number of larger sculptures, like the iron head above and these below.

Is this one supposed to represent the State of Alaska's harmful oil addiction?

You missed this year's sale, but there's always next year.  And if you are looking for alternative holiday shopping, Out North's Occupy Christmas alternative market has an interesting array of artist made items this weekend.  I'll post some pictures of that soon. 

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