Sunday, December 09, 2012

AIFF 2012: Lapse Director Gilles Guerraz Talks From Paris

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Sunday morning (Dec. 9) at 11:15 am Native Tongue short film program plays at the Alaska Experience Theater.  

This is a strong set of four short films.

 I've posted an email exchange with Mossadegh director Roozbeh Dadvand and I've posted a video with Calcutta Taxi director Vikram Dasgupta.

I've even posted a link to the whole third film - Suddenly Zinat . . .  

I chatted with Lapse director Gilles Guerraz and one of the writers, Grayson Wolfe, via skype.  Lapse was missing from this program last week - they had trouble with disc/project compatibility.   I'm putting some of the skype chat up now.

In the video portion below we talked about how he budgeted the film (Ulule helped), the crew, learning by doing, and the camera.  Gilles speaks slowly, but it's worth the effort to listen.

Grayson Wolfe, one of the writers of Lapse, wrote on his blog about watching the final version of Lapse at the Cannes Film Festival.
I watch Lapse again.  No English subtitles this time, and I enjoy it even more.  On a second viewing, I can’t find anything about it I don’t like.  This time I pick up on more subtleties, things I missed when I was reading subtitles.  The film works without dialog, a definition of pure cinema.  I am very impressed with Vincent Londez’ performance, the lead actor.  I wish I had promoted it more.  Not that I had the time, of course.

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