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AFFER Presents Revised Plan

Mayfield (l) and Ruedrich
The presenters have gone through lots of details and I couldn't keep up with things, but this should give you at least a sense of what was covered.  I'll take advantage of the break (until 2pm) to clean up the typos and add pictures.  So check back.  The public presentation starts at 2pm.]

[AFFER is Alaskans for Fair and Equitable Redistricting - apparently headed by Republican Party chair Randy Ruedrich.]

Randy Ruedrich with AFFER, Thank you for your incredible work - reports from people all over the state saying you'd been there.
We want to update our basic plan.  David Mayberry will do that.

We've revised our map after hearing public testimony.  Complies with board principles and respect Native and cultural differences.  Cleaned up boundaries to match drainages... and improved some district compactness.  Focus on VRA, which requires us to protect as best we can rights of Natives, converted one district into Majority district - 37 from influence to majority.  Minority District 2 reinforced and is at 35.65% and % of all Natives in 2 is 36.??%

Dist. 37 is blend of Athabascan, Aleut villages?  others stay more homogeneous.

Adding non-Native residence in D6 reduces ???

Specifically SE map
Districts 1-4 - Overall objective to protect Native VRA district in SE.  Reassigned Cordova, D 5 is 6000 short and basis for D2,  Several camps removed to, and from D5, got new 2 with 37.8%, we're calling it the fishhook district, heir to ice worm district.  Adds Juneau airport and Switzer district.
Dis 3 starts at 3400 under, adding Gustavus, Tanakee Springs, ....  gets to 2.2% deviation.
[Can't keep up with all the details.]
For comparison, 1972 map used over 800 miles of water to connect Kodiak and Adak so feel our water connections ok.  SEn A pairs 1 and 2 has AK native% of 28.19%

Interior Dis. 5-10
Reduce District 5 AKMinority to 2?% = Eilson AFB available for NSB district.
6-10 not changed from original AFFER map 3/31.

11-16  - they should get five districts  Uses Knik bridge to Link S. Matsu and Anchorage.
Core= Palmer, Big Lake, Houston have been adjusted based on feedback
New 15 - Wasilla - Houston extends down the Knik Bay road to Prt Mc.
Dist. 11 reaches right size by dropping Eilson AFB on N.

Restores ER community to single district.  S Anchorage linkage gone based on complaints.
Campbell, Chester and Fish creeks used as Constitution.  Anchorage used for Assembly districts.  EAFB - added.
Adjusted to conform to CC and Assembly.  Segment of 29 rolled into D 27 - better conformance to fish creek.
29 Taku/Campbell has been simplified.  Irregular boundaries south of Dimond Mall unresolved.
D30 best for matching natural boundaries - n campbell lake, N. assembly boundary,  Western is Seward Highway,  and match D 32
Changed 32 - relatively compact - Girdwood to Huffman Road and Hillside. All remote areas reassigned to more compact options.

Kenai Map - Populations balanced by adding small neighborhood from 33 into 34 and moving 33/35 boundaries northward using local input

Rural and Western map -
D 40 - -4.9%   79??%  changed up to 88%
others reassigned to 38 - N 86.5%
37  has 5.15% deviation ????? -4.?% deviation

AFFER looks forward to answering any questions.

Ruederich:  Aerial photography of Anchorage.  Most CC splits we made captured majority of population.  If look at Campbell Park CC - most is in South, tiny part here - we added this small piece back side of road to Basher to this little area south of Tudor to 95% of the population added to Scenic Park?? 

Precinct here has core of NE CC  - below the rest of NE with Scenic Park and Basher.
Our basic premise early on that a solid 7 district map from VRA expert.  So we came up with plan for our group that covers a nine VRA districts.  One new Senate influence by going in and taking the d5, coming out of SE - different by adding Copper River Ahtna people and combing them with district to only Minority influence gives us 35.3 ANatives in thsi combined Kodiak and Aleutian district.  The people we used before are available to reconstruct the other three historical minority districts.  S1/2 of 39,  added Denali Borough, southern NSBorogh Salcha precint - creates two majority seats and most importantly a Sen majority.  78% in 7  and combined sen seat of 7 and 8 = 69%.  Goes ito NSB to Canadian border - that district when combined with 10 has Sen 68.1%.  We have created a paired Maj/Minority seate,  ??????  three senate seats and 4 majority/minority house seats, and minority influence district and the d2 David talked about earlier.
It's a nine VRA seats - only significant change, taken population out of Western Matsu and given to Eastern Matsu.  Awful fast sorry.

Torg:  We don't have copies.  You must have a non-contiguous Senate seat.

Ruedrich:  Minor House seat in SE not paired for VRA {Voting Rights Act] sen. seat.  Took a 28% seat and paired it with a majority seat to get majority influence Sen. seat.  Only complication is to reach over Salcha.  Went around N and S sides of Fairbanks.

McConnochie:  Which pairings

1.  North - 2 house seats and sen majo
2.  Pair of Yupik - both majority house and sen  = 6
3.  Min influence in D6 - the other influence is 2 in SE.
4.  Pairing of 5 and 6 gets Min Senate
Ten districts to get the nine entities.

White:  [Missed this looking for an outlet for the computer]  How Native reps paired?
Ruedrich:  Reason Wrangell is VR district because it has significant Native population.
 Kookesh would be in Sen A by himself

White:  For all groups - have you provide your GIS shape?? files to us.
Torgerson:  Next Fairbanks NS Borough.  From Fairbanks.  Just  a moment.

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