Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lisa Demer's Great Coverage of the Anderson Trial

There's a lot of criticism of the press and always has been. Many people only realize how bad news coverage can be when they see the reporting on something they were involved in and see big differences between what they saw and what was reported. Some of that can be seen as people seeing different things. Some because the news media had a predetermined story line.

So it's important to acknowledge when the press is doing a great job. I've been at the Anderson trial for the last two afternoons, and her coverage was both accurate and hit all the main points as I saw them. In fact in Saturday's paper she covered a significant point that I somehow didn't hear - that Prewitt responded to Anderson's attorney's cross examination suggesting that he wouldn't have been wearing a wire for the government if he weren't guilty, by saying that Tom Anderson also wore a wire, so did that make him guilty?

And in today's paper she reported that Don Stolworthy (I spelled his name wrong in the previous post) who Prewitt had said had asked him for a job if he got fired and even asked him for money, clearly illegal things to do, was working "as a cooperating witness" for the FBI, and that FBI spokesperson Eric Gonzalez said he was "squeaky clean."

So, did Anderson wear a wire expecting not to go to trial? Did he think he was innocent and was helping the FBI catch criminals?

Also, the Alaska Ear had some tidbits on who some of the other spectators were in court.

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