Monday, July 09, 2007

Life Beyond the Court House

The jury's inside here working out its decisions. I've decided not to sit and wait since I'm skeptical that they'll be done today and I'm off to Seattle for a couple days tomorrow to visit with my son.

But, just a reminder of why I live in Anchorage - here are some pictures riding back from the Court House Friday afternoon on the bike trail.

We ran into our friend Yakob at Goose Lake (along with his wife Lisa).


  1. I missed the moose, I just loved the trees, the moose is an extra bonus!

    I forgot to mention in my reply to you on my blog, most of the recent pix this month are from the Lakedistrict Cumbria England.

    All the other pix on my blog are from my beloved Scotland there are quite a few.


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