Anchorage Mayoral Candidates 2015

There's a mayoral election April 7, 2015 in Anchorage.  There are lots of candidates and KTUU has interviews with most of them, so you can check there as well as here.  I'm not sure how many I'll get, but I'll work on it.  Most recent at the bottom.

July 4, 2015:  Anchorage Mayoral Inauguration Part 2:  A Few More Shots

July 2, 2015:  Seven Living Mayors of Anchorage Gather for Berkowitz Inauguration  - pictures of all the mayors there and a list of all the mayors from the Borough and from the Municipality of Anchorage. 

[UPDATE June 1:  Latest post linked at the bottom - looks at election runoff numbers and the implications for the future.]

Here are the candidates I have posted (with videos) about so far:

February 5, 2015  Dan Coffey

February 19, 2015  Andrew Halcro

March 9, 2015    Ethan Berkowitz 

Amy Demboski video:  My video with Demboski doesn't exist.  After a long, friendly phone call with her press person, who promised to call me back, I'm still waiting a couple of weeks later.  I did call back a couple of times and left messages.  So, I'm not discriminating against her.  She's just, apparently, being choosy about who she talks to.  

Other posts, with most recent added at the bottom. 

March 13, 2015  Amy Demboski Would Work With Tribes, Veto Gay Rights Amendment, Darden Wired to God,   Report on the panel at UAA on violence in Anchorage.

March 29, 2015  Another Mayoral Cannadate?  Charlo Greene's Victim Youtube

April 6, 2015   There's More Than Mayoral Candidates on Tuesday's Ballot    - I know the heading is about the mayoral candidates, but this post seems relevant too - it's a list of the bond measures also on the ballot

April  30 , 2015  My Fantasy:  Amy Demboski and Jim Minnery Meet Scott Turner Schofield   Scott was the artistic director for Out North in Anchorage for a couple of years.  He was fantastic on stage - as a performer and as an MC.  He's now going to be on The Bold and the Beautiful.  My wish is for these two loudly opposed to gay rights Anchorage residents to watch Scott's Ted Talk about Sex, Gender, and Sexuality, which is in the post. 

April 7, 2015  Looks Like Berkowitz (36% now) Versus Dembosky (24% now)  -  This looks like the last of the night's posts on the results.  There were five other updates election night.  You can find them in the blogger archive on the right.

May 2, 2015  Why Don't Anchorage Mayoral Candidates Fill Out Muni Job Applications? 
This post compares the mayoral race to hiring the CEO of an organization with a $400 budget and asks why the selection committee (the voters) don't get the same basic info that the Muni collects on most job applicants.

May 4, 2015  The Role of Audio In Anchorage's Mayoral Election  - From the Coffey discussion left on Tesche's answering machine to the incest allegation on a non-existing tape that mysteriously shows up the day before the election.

May 5, 2015  Runoff Election Night Results

Election Night Off To Bad Start From This Blogger'...

Early Anchorage Election Results

Second Set of Election Results - Berkowitz 66% Demboski 33% with 5000+ Votes Counted...

Third Election Update: Berkowitz 62% - Demboski 37% with 12,375 Votes Counted...

Election Update #4: Berkowitz 62.5% Demboski 37.5% ...

Election Update #5: Berkowitz 60.4% Demboski 39.6% With 39,217 Votes Counted

Election Update #6: Berkowitz 60,5% Demboski 39.4% With 46,049 Votes Counted....

Election Results #7 - Berkowitz 59% Demboski 40.9% With 53,761 Votes Counted - This Election Is Pretty Much Over...

Election Update #8: This Election Demonstrates Anchorage Voters Are Saner Than Some thought...

June 1, 2015   - Anchorage Mayor Election Review Of The Numbers And What They May Portend
There were 15,000 more votes in the runoff and Berkowitz won by 13,000.  Turnout made a huge difference and could in future elections.


  1. If Ms. Demboski wins after all of the lowly, nasty and disgusting comments that she and Prevo conjured up, on top of the PATHETIC debate performances she's had, we are screwed.

    Ethan, you've gotten pull this one out!

  2. gotta pull this out. (Where's a good old fashioned edit button when you need one) ;)


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