Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Election Update #8: This Election Demonstrates Anchorage Voters Are Saner Than Some Thought

Here's how many votes so far:  60,247
There are still five precincts unreported.  This is close to 11,000 more voters than on election night in April.  And Berkowitz is 11,000 votes ahead of Demboski. 

And there are still over 10,000 votes that came in early and will be counted later (at least I'm making the assumption they will do that like last time.) 

DEMBOSKI, Amy     24,555 40.76%
BERKOWITZ, Ethan 35,692 59.24%


  1. Details of early vote counting are different this time. Many are being counted with the regular votes. Details see http://www.adn.com/article/20150505/berkowitz-headed-victory-over-demboski-runoff-race-mayor

    "Elections officials planned to count roughly 6,000 absentee ballots cast between April 22 and 28 on Tuesday night with ballots cast at regular precincts Tuesday, Moser said.

    Moser said officials have received at least 3,900 more absentee ballots that will likely be counted by Friday, along with any additional absentee by-mail ballots that arrive later in the week but were postmarked by Tuesday. "

    So the Demboski door of opportunity appears to have already been slammed shut and bolted.

    1. Thanks for the note on the absentee votes.

  2. So good to see this election result, Steve. Even with a parting distance of nine years, I will always care about Alaska. My heart always betrays that.

    Today I am quite pleased. Give our regards to Captain Cook!


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