Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Election Update #6: Berkowitz 60,5% Demboski 39.4% 46,049 Votes Counted


46,049 votes in.  Just 3,000 or so less than the April election night total.  Has there ever been an Anchorage runoff election with more voters than the main election?  

DEMBOSKI, Amy     18,177   39.47%
BERKOWITZ, Ethan 27,872   60.53%


  1. >>Has there ever been and Anchorage runoff election with more voters than the main election?<<

    Pointing out that the talibangelicals might have made a tactical error this time? One can hope.

    1. Demboski and crew apparently hit the trifecta for at least one voter. Who did vote this time. Biking, weed and equality.

      "Another Loussac voter, 19-year-old Kyler Sene, lives in Midtown and works part time as a barista and part time at Bear Tooth Theaterpub. Sene, who described himself as a cyclist and skater who uses public transit, said he decided to vote for Berkowitz after hearing Demboski’s statements in a debate about bike safety. He didn’t vote in the April 7 election.

      “I’m a total advocate for pedal power. America has gotten into a problem and it’s not the weed that’s the problem -- it’s the laziness that’s the problem,” Sene said.

      He also said he’s bisexual and wants a mayor “that will accommodate everybody,” referencing Demboski’s opposition to legislation that would add protections for members of Anchorage’s gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community.



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