Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Taking A Long Term Look At Why Humans Have Conflicts

This excerpt from a post called The Thinking Ladder at Wait But Why? offers as good a take on the conflicts between Trumpers and Non-Trumpers as any.  But it also helps explain why Non-Trumpers fight amongst themselves too.  Because everyone one operates using both the Primitive Mind and the Higher Mind, at different times and even simultaneously and to varying degrees.  At least that's my take on this.
"The Primitive Mind in every animal—humans included—has been optimized to near perfection at getting animals to survive long enough to pass their precious genes along to new containers.
Scientists aren’t positive about the timeline, but many believe that all humans in all parts of the world lived in hunter-gatherer tribes as recently as 11,000 BC. So 13,000 years ago—or, if we call a generation 25 years, about 500 generations ago.
500 generations isn’t enough time for evolution to take a shit. So the Primitive Mind—a hardwired part of us—is still stuck in the world of 11,000 BC. Which means we’re all like computers running on the highly unimpressive Windows 11000 BC operating system, and there’s no way to do a software update.
But humans have something else going on as well—cognitive superpowers that combine together into an enhanced center of consciousness we’re calling the Higher Mind.
The Higher Mind and his magical thinking abilities helped the human species transform their typical animal hunter-gatherer world into undoubtedly the strangest of all animal habitats: an advanced civilization. The Higher Mind’s heightened awareness allows him to see the world with clear eyes, behave rationally in any environment, and adjust to changes in real time.
So while our Primitive Minds are still somewhere in 11,000 BC, our Higher Minds are living right here with us in 2019. Which is why, even though both minds are just trying to do their jobs, they’re in a fight most of the time."
It comes with illustrations - both pictures and examples.

This just comes from the first less than 1% of a long, thoughtful post that's well worth the time to read.

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  1. Peace. Insightful. I will choose to look this up and share this insight. It resonates with Jiddu Krishnamurti's work.


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