Saturday, December 14, 2019

AIFF2019: Saturday Starts At 10am with Team Marco - And My Favorites of What I've Seen

10:00 am Museum

Team Marco is about a kid addicted to his iPad.  Dad's not happy.  Grandpa introduces him to bocce.  Supposed to be a great film for kids.

Noon - Loussac Library

Immigrant Outpost - A look at Alaska's Filipino-American community

Noon - Museum

The Condor and the Eagle - Indigenous Canadians look at how Canadian oil and other mineral extractors are threatening their culture and lives.  Then go to South American and visit their indigenous brothers and sisters facing the same kind of threats.  This is one I've been looking forward to.

2pm - Museum

Shorts:  Love and Pain - The shorts programs this year have been of mixed quality.  But the narrative shorts have been better.  This is a program has both.

4pm  Museum

Attla - George Attla's dogsledding career.  Need I say more?  I'm guessing the museum auditorium will be packed.  Get there early.

9pm  Charlou (formally the Taproot - Spenard and 33rd)

Awards Ceremony - Music, food, and the winners of the jurors' awards AND the audience awards.  This is the first year that AIFF has had audience awards for individual short films, with a cleverly designed ballot at each short event.
Doors should open at 8pm.  I've been live posting the last several awards ceremonies.  I've done a low energy coverage of the festival so far this year.  Been battling a cold and need sleep, so staying up to 2 and 3am to post has been out of the question.  I'll take my lap top tomorrow and see what I can to.

This is the last official day of the festival.  Sunday from noon to 5pm the award winners will be shown again - FREE.
Some I'm hoping people will be able to see:
Documentary Features - Nae Pasaran
I didn't see, but was told it was very good:  Northern Travelogues
Won't know until I see it tomorrow:  The Condor and the Eagle

Narrative Features  - Laugh or Die and  Those Who Remained 
Also very strong films:
The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open
Gutterbug -  this film was compromised, in my opinion, by adding a very unlikely happily ever after 'one year later' addendum that was totally at odds with the rest of the film.  

Short Documentary - I wasn't impressed with most as films.  Lots of compelling issues though.  My favorite so far has to be The Man of the Trees.

Short Features - Without a doubt -  Mr. Sam.   I didn't see the Late Night Chills program and was told it was very good, so there might be some in there.  I also like Just You And Me

Animated Shorts - I didn't see most of the animated shorts but I really liked two:  Museum and The Phantom 52.  I also enjoyed Maintain Yourself.

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