Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Theodore Bikel Is Gone

When I got to Germany in 1964 for a year at the University of Göttingen, I had a number of record albums, including one with Guela Gill and Theodore Bikel.  During that year I became good friends with a married doctoral student and his wife who lived in the student housing I was assigned to.  When Jurgen heard the Bikel album he went crazy.  He loved it and we played it over and over again.  And, of course, I left the album with them when i went back home.

Years later when we visited Jurgen and Inge, Jurgen had gotten every album Bikel had ever put out and could sing all the songs - particularly those in Yiddish.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I learn about Bikel's death today.  But like my mom, he was in his 90s and has had a good life. 

Here's the only Youtube I could find of a song from my old album.  It's been forever since I heard this.  It's in Spanish, not Yiddish.

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  1. A great loss. Singer, composer, musicologist, linguist...can you name the TWO submarine movies in which he performed?

    --Bill Butler

  2. Good obit in today's Chronicle:


    He actually had a considerable naval "career", as the original Capt. von Trapp, Leutnant Swoffer in "The Enemy Below", and the sub commander in"The Russians are Coming"

    Be well, Steve,

    Bill Butler
    Ashland, OR


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