Friday, July 10, 2015

Early Morning Departure

5am at the Anchorage Airport. 


Rachel Dowdy's jaunty geese. 

And the gift shop in the Anchorage Airport has T-shirts poking fun at gun rights folks. 

Heading south.  Mom's taken a turn for the worse. 


  1. Caring thoughts are with you, Steve.

  2. Thanks for all your wishes. This has been a long slow process. She's held out longer than we expected when she started losing the ability to live on her own. After driving herself to the DMV and renewing her driver's license before her 91st birthday, she began to lose mobility. She's had a caregiver for two years now and been able to stay at home. But the end was near and fortunately we all got here in time to say good-bye and be with her as she took her last breaths today.


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