Thursday, July 02, 2015

Seven Living Mayors of Anchorage Gather For Berkowitz Inauguration

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I think there are six former Anchorage mayors in this picture.  Tony Knowles on the far right in blue, Rick Mystrom, George Wuerch,  Matt Claman (behind Weurch),  Dan Sullivan in the brown jacket. And I think it's Mark Begich barely visible between Mystrom and Wuerch.  Here's another of Begich later.  

And they're watching Anchorage's oldest living mayor (well, actually mayor of the former Borough of Anchorage) Jack Roderick swearing in Anchorage's newest mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

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Of the living mayors, I didn't see Tom Fink, and the ADN says he was absent.    Fortunately, the predicted rain was also absent with the sun attending instead. 

From Wikipedia:

Mayors of Greater Anchorage Area Borough (1964–1975)

Name Term
John Asplund 1964–1972
√John Roderick 1972–1975

Mayors of Municipality of Anchorage (1975–)

Name Term
George M. Sullivan 1975–1981
√Tony Knowles 1981–1987
Tom Fink 1987–1994
√Rick Mystrom 1994–2000
√George Wuerch July 1, 2000–July 1, 2003
√Mark Begich July 1, 2003–January 3, 2009
√Matt Claman January 3, 2009–July 1, 2009
√Daniel A. Sullivan July 1, 2009–July 1, 2015
√Ethan Berkowitz July 1, 2015–

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