Tuesday, July 14, 2015

El Chapo Prison Break Background

I ran across a documentary on the Mexican drug trade a while back that will give you some background on El Chapo, who broke out of prison the other day. 

Here's the post with the video "Narco Bling" (at the bottom).  Well worth a look. 

Will try to get back to regular blogging soon. 

 [Trying again to get Feedburner to work.]

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  1. At first, I stumbled through this as your recommendation for a campground after visiting a local prison... um, I just woke up? Really, no coffee.

    Anyway, Steve. do take some time with coming back to blogging. Work some emotional muscles for a while. If I can put it so I think you might listen to someone you'd rather ignore: Give your readers benefit of your writer's pause as you need it, okay?

    Best to you and family. Thoughts with your mother and all parents, including yourself. Be well.


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