Monday, July 20, 2015

LA In Disguise

LA is pretending to be a tropical city.  Grey cloud cover and humidity that's making the 76˚F feel like 90˚.  We got as much as we could out for garbage day, borrowing space in the neighbors' cans where we could.  But we haven't made a dent. 

But I needed to clear my head a bit so rode down to the beach before it either started raining again or got too hot. 

At my turn around point, I noticed black figures in the surf.  Just as I realized they were dolphins, not surfers, another guy stopped and speculated they might be orcas.  But if there were that many orcas (at least twenty scattered around) I think it would have been a much bigger deal.  And when he suggested the water was warmer than usual, I pointed out they like the waters of Alaska.  So, I'm saying dolphins, and this picture of Monterrey Bay dolphins supports my conclusion.

I was just going out for the exercise, so I had my pocket camera with me, not the good one that would have made those black dots individually distinguishable.  Clicking on the picture will help a bit.  You can see how grey a day it is. 

And there was also some excitement on Rose as a film crew was somehow doing its thing without really blocking traffic too much.  I promised myself I could remember the name I saw on some of the vehicles, but all I can remember is Down Under, which was the mnemonic that was going to help me remember.  It's two words, one of which is either Down or Under.  I'm guessing it was something with Under. 


  1. Speaking of Down Under, when my sister and I went on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand last fall, we stopped at a port town, Port Chalmers, near Dunedin on the south island of NZ.

    A film crew had set up on the main street leading away from the cruise ship terminal (which was an industrial terminal site) going through the middle of town, and as we bussed through town to get to Dunedin, we could watch the actors in costume and some of the vehicles used.

    It was apparently a turn-of-the-19th-to-20th-century setting, because they hauled dirt to cover up the asphalt roadway, and parked a horse and buggy outside a building they re-fitted with a old-timey sign.

    Dunedin was my favorite stop of the entire cruise, and this movie set was my favorite gawk.

  2. I love how free association works, how a minor phrase in a post can cause a reader like you to connect to a strangely related tale about a movie set in New Zealand.


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