Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Third Election Update: Berkowitz 62% - Demboski 37% with 12,375 Votes Counted

Let's remember that the votes are taken from the polling places to City Hall to be counted.  The closest polling places to City Hall are downtown where Berkowitz is expected to do well.  The ballots from Eagle River and Chugiak (Demboski's stronghold) will come in a little later. 

There also appear to be 960 new voters since the April election.  Then, there were 206,003 voters listed and tonight there are 206,993.  But remember, that number is very high - almost 90% of voting age folks in Anchorage.  Many have moved away or died, but haven't been purged from the voter list. 

We had 2.6% of votes (at least of the 206,963) counted at the last update. 

This time we have 5.98% counted - or 12,378 votes counted.


Registered Voters 206993 - Cards Cast 12378 5.98% Num. Report Precinct 124 - Num. Reporting 36 29.03%


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
36 29.0%
Times Counted
12378/206993 6.0%
Total Votes

4581 37.02%
7794 62.98%

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