Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Election Night Off To Bad Start From This Blogger's Perspective

Here's a screen shot of the Muni's election page. (Because this is an image, the links won't work)

Note, there is a link for election results - but it's for the April election.

I can't find a link for today's election results. So, they either
wipe out the April results to do tonight's,
or . . .? ?

This has been the place to get results for the last several Muni elections. 

I do have an email in asking about this, but I suspect they are busy doing other things.

 Maybe I should check Twitter for this.

Two minutes later:  Bingo.  I found this link - http://results.muni.org/Runoff.htm

 Nothing up yet. There was a run around noon that showed no results. But at least I have a place to look when the results come in.

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