Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Election Results #7 - Berkowitz 59% Demboski 40.9% With 53,761Votes Counted - This Election Is Pretty Much Over

I don't see a way for Demboski to catch up at this point.  There are some 10,000 or so early votes still to be counted.  But I would imagine the spread will be similar to tonight.  But Demboski almost all of them to win.  Not gonna happen. 

You know, it will be hard for Demboski to concede to someone who supports fathers marrying their sons.   (The picture of Jonathan Swift is my sarcasm alert icon.)

53,761 votes cast - more than election night in April.  But only 92.7% of all the precincts. 

DEMBOSKI, Amy     22,000 40.93%
BERKOWITZ, Ethan 31,744 59.07%

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