Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Election Update #9: Mayor Elect Berkowitz 59.35% Runner Up Demboski 40.65%

Three more precincts added 1,320 votes.  There are still 2 precincts unreported.  That should be about 880 votes if they are like these last three precincts.  And there's the absentee ballots yet to count*.   I'll update this post tomorrow morning when the last two precincts come in. 

But this election is over.   I'm sure different voters had different reasons - but Demboski made a strong stand against gay rights and the voters rejected that.  I expect to see LGBT folks added to our anti-discrimination ordinance before too long.  Welcome, Anchorage, to the 20th century.  Jerry Prevo and Jim Minnery, your power over Anchorage elections is over. 

Reported at:  10:46pm

Votes cast:  61,567

Mayor Elect Ethan Berkowitz - 36,540 59.35% Runner Up Amy Demboski - 25,027 40.65%

[*UPDATE  11:30pm:  As Anon linked to this ADN report from tonight that says many early votes have been counted and presumably are part of the total we have tonight:

"Deputy municipal clerk Amanda Moser said at least 12,200 people cast votes ahead of Tuesday, up 60 percent over the April 7 election.
Elections officials planned to count roughly 6,000 absentee ballots cast between April 22 and 28 on Tuesday night with ballots cast at regular precincts Tuesday, Moser said.
Moser said officials had received at least 3,900 more absentee ballots that will likely be counted by Friday, along with any additional absentee by-mail ballots that arrive later in the week but were postmarked by Tuesday."]

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  1. The importance of each vote is significant, as seen this time! Perhaps, this will be a prompt to those voters not so inclined to get out to vote next election.

    Let's, now, bring back the Anchorage as we knew it so many years ago, when neighbors cared about one another and treated others with respect. - back before all the divisiveness to the time when we were just all grateful to be part of the Last Frontier, wanted it to flourish and for others to love it as much as we did.

    Congratulations to "our" Mayor Berkowitz and to Anchorage for ushering in a new age of normalcy, respect and sanity to our community and hometown!


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