Saturday, May 09, 2015

Coming Home To The Sweet Smell Of Cottonwood

I still can't share fragrances with you here on the blog.  Pictures and sound, yes, but not smells.  Too bad, because when we got to the front door last night, the powerful and sweet smell of the cottonwoods filled the air.  It doesn't smell like cinnamon, but it tickles the nose in a similar strong seductive way.

I've written about cottonwoods before - they're a big presence, and lots of folks hate them.  The sticky sweet buds attach to the bottom of your shoes and later the cotton catkins strewn all over test even my patience.  But the sweet (English is really deficient in words for odors - I'll have to start making a list of types of smells that need words) smell and the big leafy green trees are worth it in my book.

We left LA under clouds last night. 

And it seemed cloudy below the whole way up.  But since it's May, the northern horizon eventually got light again as we got north, though below was solid dark cloud.

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  1. What I loved about cottonwood (in Alaska) was its deeply-furrowed bark that forms in a maturing tree. It stands out and is really quite majestic in height and girth. It's not too much to ask to put up with its bad habits for all it gives in beautiful shape, size, parfum and leaf glory!


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