Wednesday, June 18, 2014

San Francisco - Dog Sitting and Other Odd Jobs

Dog sitter, laundry, pickup service - our jobs today were to take care of things while they are still waiting to come home from the hospital.  J got to have some baby holding work too.  Here are some shots, mostly from walking the dog.

Here's a San Francisco liquor store.

And the fire escape above it.

Utility workers installing fiber optic cable. 

A typical San Francisco Victorian house, atypically reflecting back the sunshine on a warm day.  It was cooler in the afternoon when the breeze picked up.

Lavender patch in the dog park.

I'm not sure what Kona knows about the little brother coming home any day now.

View of the city from B's hospital room. 

We also had to stop at a high end baby store to get an insert for a stroller someone had given them.  This is one of those industries spawned by regulation, that conservatives hate so much.  And lots of lives have been saved.  But I also think that in some cases both the industry and parents have gotten a little carried away.  Like the   stroller in the store for over $1000.



  1. Welcome to San Francisco (and dogs and baby too). If you're looking for a bit more nature, right up behind UC Hospital, to the right of your view, is Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve, with 2-3 miles of trails through an old eucalyptus forest; there's a native plant garden at the 900-foot summit. Dogs allowed on leash. Best access is from 17th and Stanyan Streets but you can also follow Medical Center Way from Parnassus up past the loading docks, up the stairs to Surge Lot, right up the driveway to 100 Medical Center Way (Woods Bldg.) and find a map at the big curve on the road. Our trails more or less show up on Google these days too. (I'm a volunteer with Sutro Stewards).
    Thanks for your blog posts, and good luck with the baby (grand baby?).

    1. Thanks Ben. They think they'll be coming home tomorrow, but maybe we can spend some morning time there. Parking's tricky by the hospital, is there some at Stanyan and 17th? BTW, I'm told that Ben has been on the short list for names. The names come and go and sometimes return. I think we'll know by Monday. And yes, grandson.

    2. Ben, we got to the park yesterday. Here's a link to the post I did. It's beautiful! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Congratulations on the baby!
    When we were little, my parents had seat belts that crossed over the chest like a pilot. But dad smoked, just to balance it out, lol.

    1. Thanks nswfm. Always good to hear from you. I don't remember car seats as a kid. And our kids' car seats were much more rudimentary. It's sort of like when I had a Honda 50 in college. It was before helmets were common. I'm glad I didn't have to wear one, and very grateful I never needed one.


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