Saturday, June 07, 2014

Charter College Graduation And Lady In Blue

I have a friend.  I went to his Charter College graduation in 2010, at the Performing Art Center.  Except that after he 'graduated', he was he still had two more classes to take.  Over time that escalated to four and then six classes.  I know this because I went with him several times when he spoke to a counselor and then a higher level administrator.

But he finally got this all completed and we went to graduation again Friday night. 

Here's the President talking to the grads with the faculty in the background. 

Here's a grad getting his diploma.

I'm thinking lots of thoughts, but it's late and I need to go to bed.  It did make me wish the Regents hadn't eliminated the Community College system. 

And the lady in blue.  Well, I took the picture down.  She wore a very short skirt and very high heels walking out of the PAC.  I found myself debating whether I should post the picture or not and decided that if I have a question, I should not post it.  While I took the picture in a public place and you can't see her face, I didn't ask her permission.  I'm still trying to articulate my gut feeling and I can't yet.  

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