Monday, June 16, 2014

Yellow Legs Strolling The Boardwalk

Before we left Anchorage late Sunday, we made a stop at Potter Marsh.  Here's a little fun with the (I can't keep calling it 'the new') Canon Rebel and some photoshop.  I'll save the terns for another post. 

I am still learning how to get the automatic focus to work with birds flying against a background and the camera doesn't know what to focus on.  Walking on the boardwalk was relative easy.  Flying is another story.  (Think luck.) There are lots of deleted photos.

Chick with adult. Really I have no idea which adult.  They were doing the things birds do when they want to decoy someone from a nest.  Flying ostentatiously near you and making lots of noise.

Here's the same picture, refocused on the adult.  (I didn't intend to only get one bird in focus.  I still have to learn to better control the depth of field on this camera too.  It wasn't this hard with my old Pentax.  But then I couldn't play with the pictures like this and see them instantly either.)

Or like this in Photoshop.  

Meanwhile the stork finally landed in San Francisco this afternoon and we're going up tomorrow afternoon to check out the bundle. 


  1. I have found that autofocus doesn't work well for bird photos. Try manual focus instead.

    1. I did. That was totally impossible with flying birds. They move too fast. Maybe using the video would work. But the still images would be much smaller files.


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