Monday, June 09, 2014

Cartoon Imitating Life

Well, that's what the best cartoons do - make us see ourselves.  But this one is pretty specific.  Last month I posted about a visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  In the post I wrote: 
"[Our friends] wanted to see the Ansel Adams exhibit.  When I asked one of the guards about the photography policy, he said, no photography in the photography exhibitions."
So I was doubly amused when I saw today's BLISS cartoon in the Anchorage Daily News this morning.

I had plenty of head shots in my Getty post so I didn't post my photo of the top of the Ansel Adams poster outside the gallery.  But here it is now.

Did Bliss visit the Getty too?  Or another Ansel Adams exhibit?

The Bainbridge Island Museum  didn't object to my camera at their Ansel Adams exhibit of his photos of the Japanese internment camp at Manzanar.   I posted a few here.

I hope Harry Bliss doesn't mind his cartoon here.  It is my photo of my local newspaper and I left it a little out of focus.  And I've linked to Bliss' website.   And he was making fun of the museum not allowing photos. And I made his exact punchline on my blog a couple of weeks ago. [I'm writing all this because I am aware that a cartoon is the equivalent of a whole article or a whole book and I generally don't post other people's cartoons without their permission.  This is more than just a repost of his cartoon.]

Maybe the Getty can buy a copy and put it up in their Ansel Adams exhibit gallery.  

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