Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blogging Bennies - San Francisco Interior Greenbelt

Ben of San Francisco commented on a post the other day from San Francisco to tell me there was a greenbelt just behind the hospital where my grandson was born.  And after we helped him get ready to come home, we had a little time before heading to the airport to pick up my granddaughter and her parents.

So we went to the Interior Greenbelt.  We drove up Stanyan to 17th as Ben suggested and couldn't see anything but houses.  But I knew he wouldn't have made it up, so I parked and when we walked down, we found these stairs.

We walked up and into the greenbelt.

It's this wonderful wilderness in the middle of the city - basically eucalyptus trees, but others as well.

We heard lots of different kinds of birds, saw them flitting around.  There were two hummingbirds for sure.

There were some big tree stumps.  This is about 1/4 of this stump.

Here's a glimpse out into the city at the end of our short walk.

And at the end I looked around for more signage and found this on the street below the steps.  It's got a map, so if you're in San Francisco - particularly if you're near UCSF Parnassus - you can easily go visit.  We only had time for a tiny part of the trail system.  What a great break.  But now my little Z is with us and we spent a lot of time playing in the park today. 

Thanks Ben!

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