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AIFF 2012: Wolves, Cuba, Skiers, Dislecksia - Some Documentary Topics Coming To AIFF 2012

The Anchorage International Film Festival comes to Anchorage in less than a month - Nov. 30, 2012 is the opening night.   Lots of films come each year and probably most people in Anchorage have no idea that a film on a topic or location of interest will be playing.  So I'm trying to alert people to some of the many topics coming.  I've already done an overview of the feature films.  This one looks at the documentaries.  I'm sure there are some topics for everyone.

I'd note here that the makers and stars of the 2009 AIFF Audience Award winning Paddle To Seattle (the tongue-in-cheek documentary of their kayak trip from Skagway to Seattle) will be back with their adventure traveling the Ganges River in India, though the title - Go Ganges - doesn't have the cache of Paddle to Seattle.

So here's a long table.  Scan through the topics in the left hand column.  Remember I haven't seen the films, I'm just pulling out topics based on the descriptions.  Then mark the ones you'd like to see and check the Anchorage International Film Festival website to see when they will show.  They range in length from 5 minutes (Solar Roadways) to 113 minutes (YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip).  The shorter ones will be grouped together and the longer ones will show by themselves.  The schedules aren't up yet.

Topics FilmOther
Inuit People - Hudson Bay ‡People of the Feather
Subsistence ‡People of the Feather
Eider Duck ‡People of the Feather
Yukon River River
Wolves Wolves Unleashed
Siberia Wolves Unleashed
Zaire/Congo Back to Mandima
Cuba Unfinished Spaces
Art Unfinished Spaces
India ‡The World Before Her Go Ganges
Miss India Contest ‡The World Before Her
Iran Falgoosh (Blames and Flames)
Film Making Falgoosh (Blames and Flames)
Kenya Where Dreams Don't Fade
Runners Where Dreams Don't Fade The Mountain Runners
Journalism (Mexico) Reportero
LGBT Burmese Butterfly I Need A Hero
Hair Dressing Burmese Butterfly ‡Cutting Loose
Burma Burmese Butterfly
Prison ‡Cutting Loose
Scotland ‡Cutting Loose
Extreme Skiing Tempting Fear
Sweden Tempting Fear
Palliative Care Okuyamba (To Help)
Uganda Okuyamba (To Help)
Piano Prodigy Twins Toni and Rosi
Nazis Toni and Rosi
Seniors ‡Ping Pong
Ping Pong ‡Ping Pong
Inner Mongolia ‡Ping Pong
Dyslexia Dislecksia:  The Movie
Comic Super Heroes I Need A Hero
(couldn't find good link)
I Need a Hero (White Hawk Bourne) a brief history of LGBT characters in comic books and the impact these characters have had.
Model T Race Cars The Mountain Runners
Aparteid †Roadmap to Apartheid
South Africa †Roadmap to Apartheid
Palestine †Roadmap to Apartheid
Solar Energy Solar Roadways
Highways Solar Roadways
Sea Horses Mission of Mermaids
Oceans Mission of Mermaids
Environment Mission of Mermaids Solar Roadways/YERT
Innovation ‡YERT - Your Environmental
Road Trip

Cystic Fibrosis Breathe Life
Ganges River ‡Go Ganges Or try this link, which took forever to open.

[‡ = films in competition. There are lots of films here, so not getting into competition doesn't mean it's not a good film.  Update Nov. 25]

Remember, this is just the Documentary films.

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