Friday, November 30, 2012

AIFF 2012: Lots of Films In Competition Today (Saturday Dec. 1)

Here's a list of the films in competition I noticed that were being shown today.  I haven't checked the animated films and there may be more shorts I missed.  The Festival's hard copy guides are available

I've put them in order of when they are being show.

Four of the seven features in competition are being shown, but most of them will be showing at overlapping times.  You can see Confine (2pm) and one of the others.  They'll all be shown again.

Two of the four documentaries in competition are being shown.

Films in Competition marked with **  showing Saturday

11:00 AM:  Shorts: Native Tongue   [SHORTS]
Shorts Program | 88 min.

**Mossadegh | Roozbeh Dadvand 2011  Short In Competition
**Calcutta Taxi | Vikram Dasgupta 2012  Short In Competition
Naagahaan, Zinat… (Suddenly, Zinat…) | Navid Azad 2012
**Lapse | Gilles GUERRAZ 2012  Short In Competition

11:30 AM  First Peoples Program [SHORTS]
Mixed Media, Shorts Program | 60 min.
Day in Our Bay: A Closer Look
**Hunt | Jordan Tannahill 2012  Short In Competition
Wolf Dog Tales | Bernadine Santistevan 2012
Cry Rock | Banchi Hanuse
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater

2:00 PM **Confine
Tobias Tobbell 2012 | Feature, In Competition | 90 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
SHOWN AGAIN 8:00 PM     Wed, Dec 05 Alaska Experience Theater

4:30 PM **People of a Feather
Joel Heath 2011 | Documentary, In Competition | 90 min.
screens with...
River | Daniel Janke 2011
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater

Note:  The short River is about the Yukon and Daniel Janke should be there for Q&A.
 SHOWN AGAIN   6:00 PM     Sat, Dec 08  Anchorage Museum

5:00 PM Shorts: Expectations
Shorts Program | 86 min.
**Cockatoo | Matthew Jenkin 2011 Short in Competition
It's the 5th of 10 shorts in the 86 minute program of "Expectatioons"
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
It's also in the Love and Pain program showing at 10pm at the Bear Tooth
And again later in the week.

7pm **Aquí y Allá (Here and There)Antonio Mendez Esparza 2011 | Feature, In Competition | 110 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater
SHOWN AGAIN 8:00 PM     Thu, Dec 06  Alaska Experience Theater

7:30pm **GrassrootsStephen Gyllenhaal | Feature, In Competition | 97 min.
Alaska Experience Theater - Large Theater
SHOWN AGAIN 8:30 PM     Tue, Dec 04  Alaska Experience Theater

8:00pm **Lad: A Yorkshire Story
Dan Hartley 2012 | Feature, In Competition | 96 min.
Bear Tooth Theatre
SHOWN AGAIN 6:30 PM     Sat, Dec 08

8:30pm **Ping Pong
Hugh Hartford | Documentary, In Competition | 80 min.
screens with...
Cutting Loose | Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center
SHOWN AGAIN 11:00 AM     Sat, Dec 08  Out North

The two features NOT showing today are:

**Between Us    Dan Mirvish USA 90m  Feature, In Competition | 96 min.
5:15PM  Mon, Dec 03  Alaska Experience Theater - small theater
8:00PM  Fri, Dec. 07    Out North

Alaska Experience Theater - Small Theater

**Shouting Secrets     Korinna Sehringer Switzerland/USA 88m Feature, In Competition | 96 min.
8:)) PM Sun, Dec 02  Bear Tooth
3:00Pm Fri, Dec 07  Alaska Experience Theater

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