Monday, November 12, 2012

"what can teens do with hypodermic needles?" "dull sheep" and "silence in wolf hall" - More interesting Google searches

I've been busy all day, so this is a good time to put up this Google search post I've been building up for a while.   These are terms that people have used to get to this blog in the last couple of months. 

how to find a guy that beat you up - This search led to the post on the man who found the priest who'd molested him and his brother many years ago and beat him up.  That's sort of like what the person was looking for.  I'd love to be able to post this person's story.  Maybe I'll write a book of short stories based on google search terms.

what teens can do with hypodermic needles - Is this someone looking for an school art or science fair project? They got to a post on disposing hypodermic needles at airport restrooms.'

i am chairman can't i voice my oposition about something through robert's rules of order - I don't think he got a direct answer, but he did get to a favorite post entitled "Through The Chair" which mentions Roberts' Rules of Order.

could a button mushroom decompose a bald eagle -It got to a post about an Anchorage International Film Festival movie called "Know Your Mushrooms" which included this sentence about the movie:  ". . . lots of information on mushrooms - their contribution to the decomposition on earth, relationship to religion, health aspects, and psychedelic." aspects.  Bald eagle would have shown up on the page too because it's one of the labels listed at the bottom in the right hand column.

easiest bones to break in your foot - Do you suppose this person wants to break the easy ones first before going on to the more difficult ones? Like many others, Easiest Bones got to the post "Life's Little Surprises" about J's broken foot bone.

what do zoologists wear - got to a picture of turkey giblets. This was in a Thanksgiving day post, "Don't Trust The Internet With Your Giblets" which included very funny definitions of giblets (all different) from an internet forum. One commenter wrote:
 The term is culinary usage only; zoologists do not refer to the "giblets" of a bird.
and this was right next to the picture of the giblets, which I guess is why the picture got linked to 'zoologist'.  And, guessing again, the searcher got distracted from zoologists' clothing by a picture of giblets fresh out of the oven.

why can't 'crazy' people vote? - got to another google search post entitled "Can Crazy People Vote In Alaska?"  to which I responded, 
"Yes, and they can run for office.  And they win too."

everytime i kill an animal with my bike it appears on my shirt i don't know why i think the devil does it -Really?!  got to a picture of the title of the movie "Before the devil knows you're dead."  Image searches, as I said above, give people a lot of choices, and they seem to be easily distracted from what they were originally looking for.  But serendipity isn't a bad thing.

is my daughter going to pull a columbine - This is a red flag kind of query. They got to a post called "I was gonna pull a Columbine." I looked to see if it had any sort of answer for them. Not in the text, but there was a video where Brent Scarpo talks about one of his most rewarding experiences. A guy heard him talking and later told him "I was gonna pull a Columbine" until I heard you. Perhaps they watched the video and got inspired to find out more from Brent.

dull sheep - Do I have a post on boring sheep? Then I checked what this person got to. A picture of dall sheep. I'm guessing that might be what they were looking for.

Coincidence or some trick in google's algorithm?  There was this search:

silence in wolf hall - Got to "Words and Silence in Wolf Hall"  a review of the book Wolf Hall.

Then the very next hit (it didn't show what terms they were searching) took someone to an archive* page that started with a post entitled "Code of Silence or Mob Silence?"
I don't think I have very many posts that have silence in the title and blogspot says I have 3822 posts altogether. 
(*An archive page is an old page that has a number of posts on it.)

florida hitchhiker says there will be no election but catastrophe in the west - Two weeks before the election.  Got to a post on the hitchhiker who got picked up by a taxi.

what does copulation mean
- a reasonable question that led to a post entitled "Morrie, does copulation mean what I think it means?"  It also led me to write a very short mnemonic poem to help people remember the meaning:  copulation increases population. 

how can muddling through by lindblom be scientific - Great question.  The searcher got to a post on Lindblom's science of muddling through, I don't directly address that question.  Maybe a topic for another post one day.

who does stephen have to know? -  Got them to the blog.  Except that I spell my name with a 'v'. 

how to know if you have dormant vampire genes - Searches like this remind me of how many different subjects I've covered. This person got to my post Dormant Recessive Vampire Genes?  Neckrophelia?

i applied for vote by mail. it unregistered me voting scam - This came on election night.  It got to a post concerned with the potential for abusing voting machines.

why doesn't Alaska vote -  Is someone spreading false rumors about us?  We do vote.  Not always well.  I got two of these the morning after the election.  They got to the post "There are many ways to steal and election."

why do americans think the gb is the greatest country on earth This came from someone in Manchester.  So I googled, "why do Brits think Americans think gb is the greatest country on earth?" and got no direct answers but found this great post "50 Things That Changed Cycling."  BTW, the searcher got to my post  Is America The Greatest Nation? The Newsroom's Response.

electronically obscured license plate texas - This searcher's IP address and ISP said California Highway Patrol.  They got to  a picture of license plates for California senators.

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