Thursday, November 01, 2012

It's Cold!

We got to Seattle fine, but the flight to Anchorage was delayed 90 minutes.  We went straight from the airport to our Chinese class, got there at the halfway point.  Then a classmate took us home where it was, well, chilly.  40˚F (4.4˚C) inside.  (About 25˚ outside.)

We'd been having trouble with our water heater and had warned our house sitter about it and how to fix it.  It was in error mode when we got home.  I fixed that, but the furnace didn't kick in.

Fortunately we have a wood stove and lots of wood.  And now by the wood stove it's comfy, but getting the rest of the house warmer is taking time.  We've gotten it close to 60˚ degrees upstairs. 

I left a message with the plumber.  The housesitter was here last night and reset the water heater then and all was fine this morning when he checked out. 

Maybe we'll sleep downstairs. 

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