Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Man Who Mistook His Son For A Tax Cap

In the title story in his award winning book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, neurologist Oliver Sacks writes about a patient,
 Dr. P is a musician who had problems with his visual images. He couldn’t recognize things around him, even his face, wife, foot, shoes, etc. Therefore, he grabbed his wife’s head to put on his head, because he thought that his wife was a hat. But, he has wonderful musical intelligence, he can do his activities if he’s singing, but he would forget everything and completely stop his activities when he’s interrupted from his singing.  [From Yuli Rahmawati's Weblog)
I was reminded of Sacks' book when I saw this sign, illegally located in a public flower bed (not maintained) at Lake Otis and 36th.  [Update:  A callback from the Municipality code enforcement said this sign was on a public right of way, but it is on private property.  He said they will only take down signs on the right of way that are a hazard.] 

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I would recommend against voting for Don Smith - read his commentary about our 'entitlement' mentality and the list of freebies he would get rid of starting with free school meals* for poor kids - plus his opponent, Berta Gardner, is someone I've known and respected for a long time.

But I would recommend reading any of Dr. Sacks' books.

*In Finland,  widely reported to have the best school system in the world, all kids get free meals because they believe it helps them learn. 

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