Friday, October 12, 2012

Camera Repairs

The door to the battery and sound card on my Canon Powershot is, well, shot.  First the part of the door that you latch closed so the camera will work, got cracked.  I managed to tape it so it stayed together.  But a short time ago, when I opened the door, it came off completely.  To be clear, there's an inside part of the latch too that's still attached. 

So I bit the bullet and took it to the Camera Repair Service shop.

I don't usually write plugs for businesses, but this is a place where I've been able to go over the years and get straight advice and help with my camera. It's a true "small business" that provides a service that the national franchise places just can't quite give. And it's easy to pass the little mall it's in on 15th, just east of C Street, and miss it completely.

(And I'm sure there's an interesting story behind the 'Norway Alaska' name of this building.)

So I asked Michael, the owner, if he wanted to say a few words about the shop.  There's a neat array of used cameras, including a Hasselblad for sale that you can see in the video.

 And here's his partner at the shop.

I'm keeping the camera until the part comes in.  I still manage to make it close enough that I can turn on the camera.  

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