Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anchorage's Pot Hole Art Gallery

I took advantage of Wednesday's sunshine to go for a run and found an art gallery I'd never noticed before.  The Pot Hole Gallery opened in an alley off of Northern Lights with an Ice Art exhibit created by M. Nature.


  1. These are beautiful!
    The top one reminds me of the desert earthworks art considered "conceptual".

    We live in a tall high-rise overlooking our condo's parkland lawn and swimming pool in the center island of a very large, curvy, fountained, moat 2 or so feet deep. Ducks love it.

    For 21 years I have watched that moat through the seasons. I went so far as to photograph it 25-30 times in all seasons and mounted them onto one board and gave it to the Condo office.

    Nature is every day different and every day interesting and often spectacular.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. I was hoping you'd like them. Now I'm wondering the forces that cause these particular patterns. The circles are fairly common. It's hard for me to imagine artists living in a highrise condo, though I know we can get accustomed to anything. And that others can't imagine living in Alaska.


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