Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who First Said, "What Do I Know?"

While searching for a post on my blog, I got this tidbit from google:
One of the most important figures of the Renaissance was Michel de Montaigne. The writer not only gets the credit for popularizing the essay, but for being the father of Modern Skepticism, coining the phrase "What do I know?".
 Something you'd think the caretaker of this blog would  know.  Well, I'll take it with a grain of salt.  It could be true, to the extent that anyone can be said to coin a term.  And I'm sure he would have said (written?) it in French. 

So, what do I know?  It seems this blog has taken me on an eclectic journey and I've come to know a lot of seemingly unrelated topics.  I'd like to think they are all connected, at least by the overall theme of the blog - how do we know what we know?  Below I've grabbed the search terms from a recent Sitemeter page.  I think it shows the varied topics that I've somehow gotten to.  (There are 25 hits per page on Sitemeter and I've left out those that didn't have explicit search terms.)   I noticed doing this that a couple of the links went to useless redirect pages.  You can check the Sitemeter listings at the sitemeter logo in the right hand column, down the list a ways.  To see how much detailed information each visitor leaves, click on the number of any hit.

   mark twain jr high school


    cat litter technology   

    foot bones  

    elephants eating   

    "seven months, ten days in cap... by david rohde article review   

    calories oatmeal   

    low calorie oatmeal   

    the penthouse club seattle, wa  (This one had the word penthouse, but apparently it was the picture that distracted him)

    alaska state song   

    if you can't sleep at night're awake in someones dream   (This goes to a redirect page,  but another person seeking this got the right page.)

    warren buffett chain e-mail

    picture of fungus gnats   

    define speaking through the chair   

    who were celebrities in the 1910's  (another redirect page, here's where it should have gone)

    hoffmann von fallersleben-helgoland anselm kiefer   

    nayeem mahbub  

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