Monday, May 14, 2012

Tenor John Nuzzo And Anchorage Children's Choir

I've learned that hearing opera singers in small venues is amazing, so Sunday we went to UAA's stunning little recital hall  - Michael Hood, wherever you are, thanks! - to hear John Ken Nuzzo sing a collection of songs in Italian and Japanese. (According to Wikipedia, Nuzzo's father is Italian-American and his mother is Japanese.)  After the first pause he came back without his bow tie and the audience loosened up a bit as well.

After Nuzzo's performance there was a brief break and the Anchorage Children's Choir came onstage.  He's been working with them this week and he and they seemed to be having a great time together.  Here's a brief excerpt of them singing Finiculi Finicula.  


 He's been spending a lot of time recently doing concerts in Japan and work related to Tsunami relief. 

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