Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Jacqueline Duke, Elections Chief, Fired by Assembly Chair this Morning, Meanwhile in Moscow

I got email reports this morning that Jacqueline Duke showed up at the vote recount this morning at City Hall.  Then the report came in that she was fired by Assembly Chair Ernie Hall about 10:30am.   Get a bit more from this report from  Channel 2[11].   Hall dropped into the ballot counting room and thanked some of the folks who have put up the money and called for the recount. 

People at the election recount were trying to stream live from City Hall.  I can't find that, but if you want to see the anti-Putin protests in Moscow live, go to 
[UPDATE 3:18pm: It turns out they keep changing what's on.  The Russians are long gone.]
[UPDATE 6:43pm:  Here's a link for the Anchorage Election Recount at Upstream.  It's not on as I post this, but they are scheduled to be counting again Thursday from 8:30 - 12noon and 1:00 pm to 4:45pm.  I've also found the Russian live stream - they are back on - and changed to link above.  Or you might want to watch the cam from the International Space Station.]

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  1. They should be getting frisky any day now, on the Connors Lake Loon Cam.


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