Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Redistricting Board Concert Approves SE Metes and Bounds

I knew today's meeting, if they had one, would be short.  So I stayed home and listened to it online.  That meant it was easy to record.

Here's audio of the meeting. It's really short. The board's been at this for over a year now and they are getting a little loosey-goosey.  I don't know that's a bad thing as long as they are serving the public interest.

The audio begins with a short concert by Chair Torgerson as he waits for board member Jim Holm to get on line. Basically they then approve the Metes and Bounds for the four districts in SE that they approved yesterday.  No one says they have actually read what staffer Eric Sandberg has done.  These are pretty tedious descriptions of the districts.(You can find below the 2002 description of House District 1 - Ketchikan.)

I'm trying this new audio site, but not sure how to embed the audio. This link takes you to their site where you can hear the audio.

 I've tried to embed a player here, but it doesn't seem to be working on my computer, at least not in preview.  Maybe when I actually post it, I'll see it.  Let me know if you can see it and use it and your browser and operating system (mac, pc, etc.).  Thanks
[UPDATE: I've got it working in Safari, but not Firefox which says the needed plugin isn't available.] [UPDATE 2:45 - Ivan at Chirbit emailed me where to find the embed code. It should be working now just fine.]

Check this out on Chirbit
House District 1 – Senate District A – Ketchikan House District 1 includes all uplands and islands bounded by a line beginning at the northernmost point of Coffman Cove City, southeasterly along the city boundary to the western shore of Clarence Strait, south to an intersection with the mouth of Eagle Creek, easterly to the centerline of Clarence Strait, southeasterly along the centerline to a point due west of Lemesurier Point, east to Lemesurier Point, east across Union Bay to Union Point, east across Vixen Inlet to the eastern shore of Ernest Sound, northeasterly along the shore to the head of Santa Anna Inlet, easterly along a nonvisible line to the common boundary of the Wrangell-Petersburg and Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Areas, northeasterly along the common census area boundary to Grant Creek, easterly to Burroughs Bay, southerly to Ketchikan Gateway Borough, southerly and westerly along the borough boundary (around Gravina Island) to a point due east of Grindall Island, west to Grindall Island, west along its south shore, west across Grindall Passage to the shore of Kasaan Bay, west along the shore to Kasaan City, north and west around the city boundary to Thorne Bay Road, north along the road to Thorne Bay City, west and south along the city boundary to its southwestern most point in Kasaan Bay, southwesterly through the water to the centerline of Twelvemile Arm, southwest along the centerline of the arm, to and including Cat Island, west to the mouth of Harris River, west and north to its headwaters, west along a nonvisible line to Black Bear Lake, west following its northern shore to a linking creek to Black Lake, north along a linking creek to an intersection (just south of Big Salt Lake) with Big Salt Road, north to North Island Road, northwest to National Forest Development Road 23, north to National Forest Development Road 30, east to Logjam Creek, north to Sweetwater Lake, north al ong the lake’s western shore to Barnes Lake, east along the lake’s southern shore to Coffman Cove City, east along the city boundary to point of beginning.

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