Monday, May 14, 2012

Redistricting Board Picks Southeast Map Option A

The Board adopted Option A to submit to the Supreme Court. Last week the Supreme Court ordered that the Board's Amended Proclamation Plan would be used as the Interim Plan for the 2012 elections, but the Board had to revise the Southeast Alaska districts, constructing them solely considering the Alaska Constitutional requirements and NOT the federal Voting Rights Act as they had done the first time.  The Board had 5 options before the meeting which I posted earlier today. (Actually I missed the fifth and originally posted that there were only four, but all five maps were there.)

PeggyAnn McConnochie, the Board's only member from Southeast Alaska, who had worked on the previous maps of Southeast and this one over the weekend, expressed strong displeasure with the Court's ruling and with the new map itself.  From my notes, this is one of several times she conveyed her displeasure with what she felt she was forced to do:
We’ve been told something by Supreme Court that I think is neither right nor reasonable - not considering Native districts, Native communities, etc. 
Does Option A fit the Supreme Court’s standards?  Yes.  Do I like it?  Absolutely not.

Here's Option A.

Here's Southeast the way it was before the Supreme Court told the Board to redo it.

[UPDATE 3pm:  I should have mentioned the Board expects this to get to the Supreme Court tomorrow and that parties will have until Friday to comment.]
[UPDATE 5pm:  The Board's website now has links to maps for each of the four redrawn districts.

Here are my rough running notes of the meeting. BEWARE - there are inaccuracies and omissions but you should get a sense of what happened. The transcript should be up soon on the Redistricting Board's website. May14 Alaska Redistricting Board Meeting ROUGH Notes


  1. Thank you, Steve, for all the time and attention you have given this redistricting process through what is now over a year.
    It's been valuable to me.
    Alaska Pi

  2. Ditto from another Annie Nominous. Coverage on redistricting was terribly lacking from conventional news sources. Thanks so much as well.

  3. Thanks.

    ps What does the male half of the Love Caucus think


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