Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Record Setting Inches

April snows have no teeth.  There are already snow patches. The air doesn't stay too cold. The daylight says summer is near.  The new snow's lifespan is short.  But yesterday's flakes were enough to push this winter to Anchorage's snowiest on record - 134.5". 

This wasn't a winter of big snows.  Just regular snowfalls every few days November and December and beyond.  Yesterday's snowfall was spectacularly unspectacular.  The short hit past second that drives in the winning run. 

The Anchorage Daily News has lots of graphic details of when the snow fell, other snowy years,  the other nine US cities rounding out the top ten snowiest this year and much more.


  1. Here's something for you to know: Mercede is the mother of Trig. You are one of a few who will receive this message in the next few days. Do with it what you will.

  2. Anon, this is clearly information for Griffin at Immoral Minority and I'm sure he's already on it. I'll leave it up and let readers mull on it if they have the time and inclination. Usually these things are dated based on Alaska time, but it's only 10:49 am here. Maybe this is a daylight savings time glitch with blogger.


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