Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Already Spring In Juneau

There's no reason I should be surprised.  It's 90 minutes south via jet from Anchorage to Juneau.  Downtown Juneau is snow free and here and there flowers are blooming, while in Anchorage there's still a lot of snow - though it is evaporating in the sunshine.  So here are a few glimpses of Juneau spring. 

These are chionodoxa growing in Morgan's yard.  Paul and I were just getting back from a hike up Perseverance Trail and he knows most of the people we ran into, including Morgan. 

She also had these eerie light blue iris blooming.  Here's a picture of these same iris two years ago.

And here's Morgan, interrupted from her gardening.

And up on Perseverance trail, where we walked through snow, we saw some purple mountain saxifrage blooming in a crack in the rocks. 

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