Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Anchorage Mayor Wins, Gay Rights Lose, And Not Enough Ballots

Not all the votes were in when I left election central at the Denaina Center, but the numbers were pretty clear in most of the races.  But the big topic was that - this is all based on rumor, though I did talk to both mayoral candidates and an assembly member - about 17 -20 precincts ran out of ballots.

The Municipal Code requires that
"For each regular and special election, the municipal clerk shall ensure that ballots are prepared for at least 70 percent of the registered voters within each precinct to present all candidates and propositions to the voters."28.40.010 B
And turnout was significantly lower than that.   I talked with Mayoral Candidate Paul Honeman but didn't get his comments about the balloting on video.  It was not yet 9pm, but already he was significantly behind.

A bit later I talked to the Mayor.

 And finally I spoke to Assembly Member Dick Traini.

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  1. Well, remedying voting irregularities might be simpler than expected if it can be shown the problem relates to turned-away, registered voters.

    I would also think, if there is reasonable evidence of election fraud, that this must be investigated, without holding hostage a 'do-over' election going forward. It is only right that government settle electoral questions in a clear, fair and open fashion following its agreed and published rules.

    Whatever your outcome in Anchorage, all the best for achieving what must be a properly democratic vote.


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