Sunday, April 22, 2012

It Worked. I Ran. I Got Smarter.

I finally went out running today.  There were simply no excuses left.  No snow to shovel.  Not meetings to rush off to.  I didn't hike or bike.  And I'd just posted the article on running making you smarter. 

Chester Creek Bike Trail

The bike trail was better than I expected.  They've obviously done some grooming - you can see that snow has been pushed to the sides.

And parts with more sunshine even were bare to the pavement.  But the boggy area to the right which is mostly frozen will be flooding parts of the trail as things thaw.

And some parts of the bog - here right up against the snow berms on the side of the trail - are just water.

Smarter? When I got home I saw that the title for that post was "Running Make You Smarter" so I fixed it. Obviously the running was already working. I know the running does more than the walking or biking because when I run I'm always pushing my pulse up and challenging my lungs to keep me in oxygen. And I sweat. That doesn't happen walking or biking.

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