Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pier Review 2 - Amazing Surf

I posted about the Venice Pier a little over a year ago.  Tuesday I checked it out again.  The day was sunnier, but not as clear.  But the surf below was big and bad.

The waves were not curving, but simply crashing down like a waterfall.

There are surfers (black spots) above and below this wall of water.

 This pier is much less flashy than the Santa Monica pier.  The surf pictures in this post were taken off the left side.

UPDATE:  Here are more waves from Venice Pier with my better camera.  And finally Rafael catching a great white shark from the end of Venice Pier.


  1. You took great photos of my favorite; Venice Pier.

  2. Audrey, thanks for the nice words. Your comment reminded me that I've been back to the pier since this post and so I've added some links to later posts.


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