Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Chat with Treeman Near Venice Beach

We took advantage of the nice weather to bike down to Venice Beach. On the way back I saw a person I needed to talk to. Of course, I had my camera with me. Somehow I meet a lot of interesting people, but this certainly was one of the more unique people I've met.

Treeman's message might not resonate with everyone, but there is clearly a sense of being one with nature.  When it was all over I thought that I had had a chat with a relative of the Na'vi.

Treeman, judging from his website Treemanity, is a character of someone who told me his father named him Lantis (I think) as in Atlantis. Perhaps in this character, Lantis is able to talk about things he normally wouldn't be able to. The character Treeman also made me think about Charles Wohlforth's book The Fate of Nature.  Many people today, in their own ways, myself included, are concerned about humanity's loss of connection with the natural world.  Perhaps I was transporting my concerns onto Treeman, but I do believe he too is concerned with our human relationship to other living things, to water, to the earth, and to the heavens. 

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  1. Are we connected to nature, or is it more than that? Are we people in and of nature living within its limits?



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