Sunday, February 05, 2012

Balancing Postive and Negative - Alexander DCD Smith

Alex is the nephew of an old friend of J's and we ended up accidentally having dinner with him, his aunt, and his parents earlier this week. He invited us to his show Saturday night in Culver City and so we went.

There were giant commercial looking inspirational 'posters.'  But looking close there was a lot more going on.  Alexander
explained he used brushes, spray paint, and stencils on wood.

And remembering our dinner conversation the other night, it made sense that Alex would be pushing things like believe, dedication, productive, and success.  He's dealt with some health issues and he now works from early morning until late at night.

But the edgier side of him balanced this show with four Stop Signs like this Stop War piece.  Looking at the motivational work on the photos now, I'm seeing a lot more in the background than I originally saw.

He also does live paintings and Alex's blog has speeded up video of him creating these pieces.  There were QR codes on each description card that took you to a video of him painting that piece.  I can't locate those videos, but you can check out his blog for other videos.

You can get a sense of his excitement in the video below.


Dedication close up


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