Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lost Camera

I took my camera to lunch in the hospital yesterday.  When I was on my bike headed home I realized it wasn't in my pocket.  We went back after dinner and I checked in the cafeteria.  It wasn't in any of the drawers.  They sent me to security.  He looked at a paper.  Nothing reported.  He didn't ask for my name.

Then I remembered how my mom was instructed several times not to have anything valuable in in her overnight back.

OK, it's just a camera.  I didn't break a finger.  I can go out and buy a newer, better one, cheaper one.  And the little door to the battery and sound card was broken and I had taped it together.  It's just a thing.  But as a blogger, it was almost like a finger.  I think I'm more upset that I wasn't paying attention and must have put it down and walked away.  It's usually in a pocket, but it was warm and I wasn't wearing a jacket and I didn't put it in my jeans pocket.  Dumb.

And you don't want me drawing pictures.  I don't want me drawing pictures very often - that takes way too long.  But I did learn how to draw a teardrop in photoshop today. OK, I learned how to draw something that resembles a teardrop.  I'll get better. 

The LA Times lists sales for cameras..

[UPDATE 11am:  J found my camera.  It was in the cafeteria office, which was closed last night.  Patience and faith, I need more of them.]


  1. steve...i can loan you a camera. are you still in los angeles?

  2. fawnskin, You're too nice. Thanks for the kind offer. As the update shows, the camera has shown up. Again thanks.

  3. YAY!

    (My dad lost a camera in Pasadena that had pictures of my mom's 80+ yo cousins from Nottingham, England on it. We haven't ever found it, and boy, is mom still irritated by that.)

  4. nswfm - Sorry about your dad's camera. For the most part I'm pretty good about backing things up. I was glad to get the black leather case from Thailand back. Sounds like you need to go to Nottingham and take some more pictures.

    1. My parents' health issues and the elderly cousins own health issues are the problems that hold this up.


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