Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Powerful Alaska Blogs

There are some powerful Alaska blogs out there. One of the most powerful is Peter Dunlap Shohl's Parkinson blog. Here's a bit from today's post. The whole thing is worth reading.

Paths to meaning, salvaging quality of life with PD

Parkinson's Disease is no walk in the park. Unless your park is home to a mysterious debilitating assailant who steals up to you and attempt to slowly rob you of your life. . .

There is financial pain. The meds are not cheap. And if you're lucky enough to have decent insurance where you work, guess what. Parkinson's is likely to take your job, too. The tentative financial security that most of us live with, or are trying to establish goes *poof* with Parkinson's.

It makes a person want to scream. Oh, sorry, more bad news, your voice also goes. Tell you what. Instead of screaming, just whisper loudly. What's that you say? Come again? Oh. Whispering isn't a satisfying substitute for screaming? Not for me either. The line forms here for a literal life of quiet desperation.
Much of the post is devoted to a list of eight tips for living with PD .   Well worth reading for everyone. 


  1. Well, it is a branch of media, therefore it can be as powerful as an article in the newspaper if many people read it.

  2. Steve, Thanks! Do I make the check out to "What do I know"? :)


  3. Damn Peter, you were supposed to negotiate the price in a private email, not here! You're blowing my cover. :(

  4. Privacy? What's that? I'm watching you right now on my Steve cam. Though to be honest I'm thinking of flipping channels to the Social Security number live feed..


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