Saturday, November 14, 2009

KSKA Celebrates Bede Trantina's 30th Year

Shortly after we came to radio station KSKA first began to broadcast All Things Considered and other NPR programs and that's when I first met Bede Trantina.  Anchorage has changed a lot in those 30 plus years, but every Friday for most of that time, one thing has stayed the same.  If you turn on KSKA at 9 am, you can hear Bede announce the last day of the week. Just click on the yellow box with the black arrow below.

Remix Default-tiny Yippee It's Friday by AKRaven

So on Friday, November 13, KSKA had a party to celebrate Bede's 30 years at the station.  A lot of good people were there to say thank you to Bede.

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