Monday, November 16, 2009

Alaska Pacific University President Search Finalists

APU announced this morning:

The five finalists to be the 9th President of Alaska Pacific University and the dates of their campus visit are:
  • Dr. Betsy Vogel Boze, former Campus Dean and CEO Kent State University at Stark, North Canton, OH Monday & Tuesday November 16th & 17th

  • Ms. Bernice Joseph, Vice‐Chancellor Rural, Community & Native Education University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK Thursday & Friday November 19th & 20th

  • Dr. Don Bantz, Academic Vice President & Provost Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA Monday & Tuesday November 23rd & 24th

  • Dr. J. Andy Sheppard, Academic Vice President Southwestern College, Winfield, KS Monday & Tuesday November 30th & December 1st

  • Dr. Steven Corey, Executive Vice President Prescott College, Prescott, AZ Thursday & Friday December 3rd & 4th

[Update  2:45pm: APU wants to keep the candidate review process in house.  It also turns out that one of the candidates is someone I know fairly well and I've met one, possibly two,  of the other candidates.  I'm used to the far more public process at UAA, but that is a public university and APU is private.  So I'll respect their decision  to only invite people in the immediate APU community to meet the candidates and await their further announcements.]


  1. If you/they want to keep it confidential, then don't post it on the web!

  2. Anon, reasonable point, but they do have the process posted on their website and they did send out a news release of the finalists today. So they are letting the world know who the finalists are. But they aren't going out of their way to have people outside of the APU community involved in meeting and interviewing the candidates.

  3. I am a student at APU and feel the need to tell you it is in fact not a confidential process. As a community we have simply chosen to only allow members of the college to attend the meetings with the candidates as we will be the ones directly affected by the selection. As a public university, UAA's process should be public, as it will affect a larger community.


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